About Us

Tim and Nout met in the cold North Sea waters of Holland, where they were part of a group of dedicated surfers, who met regularly to carpool for the one hour drive to the Dutch coast.
Up to four times a week, work schedules were stretched to the limit to chase the best waves Holland has to offer, from Zeeland to North Holland.
Tim finished his studies in International Business and worked for over eight years in the finance-department of a large Dutch multinational, before deciding to make a change to his lifestyle.
Nout studied Tourism Management with the goal of starting his own company in a location to suit his needs.

Why did you decide to leave The Netherlands?
Tim: “I have always dreamt of a different life, away from the steady but secure rhythm of life in the Netherlands. Although I always liked my job, it was never really my passion. The thought of having to spend my days in an office until my 70th birthday wasn’t exactly appealing. This, combined with a never ending desire for good waves, made me decide to leave my life in Holland behind and start all over in Portugal.”

Nout: “I grew up in the southwest of Holland at the North Sea. During my studies in Breda, I always missed the sea, beach and freedom. Also for me a job from 9 till 5 was really not suitable, therefore, I decided to jump in my van, drive down the European coast and settle in the most beautiful place I found, the Algarve!

Why did you specifically choose the south west corner of Portugal?

Tim: “Portugal is a beautiful country where you can still find pure nature, peace and quiet. A large part of the west coast consists of a nature reserve (Costa Vicentina), resulting in vast areas of unspoiled nature. The warm climate, of course, also was an important factor. The Algarve has over 3,000 hours of sun each year – that’s an average of over 8 hours a day! This is the reason why many people decide to spend the winter here in their campervan.”

Nout: “As Tim already mentioned, nature here is so incredibly beautiful and pure. This is what makes this corner of the world so magical. South West Portugal is also home to Europe’s most consistent surf! Relatively small swells can be surfed at the numerous beaches on the west coast, and the big winter swells provide the south coast with wave after wave. Furthermore, this area is perfectly suited for our other hobbies. I like to ride my horse along the shoreline or through the endless valleys, and Tim likes to ride his mountain bike in the hills inland.”

Why did you start a campervan rental business?

 Tim: ”That’s easy! We want to give other people a taste of what it’s like to live here in the Algarve. And what better way than to do this in a campervan! For us, this has become a way of life. It is great to be able to give other people the experience of what to us, so far, has been the experience of a lifetime!”